Foam Sheathing Committee Recommendations

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Important and insightful information comes from the many different trade associations in the building industry. 

The Foam Sheathing Committee (FSC) of the American Chemistry Council focuses on using sound science to develop research that supports the reliable design and installation of foam sheathing.

The website has an abundance of resources on it.

Below are some important documents from that site:

Window Installation in Walls with Foam Sheathing
Covers four common methods of installing flanged windows in wood wall framing

Standard Installation Guide - Covers the most common method of flanged window installation over foam sheathing where the flanges are mounted directly over up to 2" of foam sheathing
Installation Guide - Installation Checklist

Picture Frame Method - Covers a picture frame concept with window flanges mounted ot the picture frame,. Commonly used with foam thicknesses of 3/4" to 1 1/2"" to match common lumber dimensions
Installation Guide - Installation Checklist

Window Bucket Method - Covers a window buck concept with window flanges mounted directly over foam sheathing.  Most common for walls with more than 1 1/2 to 2 inches of foam sheathing.
Installation Guide - Installation Checklist

Rainscreen Method - Covers a rainscreen concept with window flanges and furring mounted directly over any thickness of foam sheathing.
Installation Guide - Installation Checklist

Cladding Attachment through Foam Sheathing
Includes information on attaching to both wood and steel wall framing

Resources for Wood Framing
Code Compliance Report - Installation Guide

Resources for Steel Framing
Code Compliance Report - Installation Guide

Water Resistive Barrier System with Foam Sheathing - Foam sheathing, properly taped is a code compliant and effective WRB
Installation Guide - Installation Checklist

Guide to Attaching Exterior Wall Coverings Through Foam Sheathing to Wood or Steel

Attachment Guide